Newly Engaged? the Things You Should Do FIRST!


Congratulations, you just got Newly Engaged! Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in any couple’s life and is just the beginning of a beautiful life together. After the initial excitement and happiness about the engagement begins to fade, many couples begin to feel stressed or anxious about all the wedding planning they have to take care of in the near future. Putting together a realistic timeline and setting aside some time to brainstorm ideas as a couple can help you get on the right track.

Here are some of the key things you need to do when you’re newly engaged:

Create an Inspiration Board

Whether you create a virtual one or an actual pin board, start collecting photos and ideas that inspire you. This board is also a good place to post your wedding to-do list and other small tasks that you might otherwise forget. An inspiration board can make it easier to choose a theme, location, and even your wedding dress as you get started with the planning process.

Find a Reputable Event Planner

Now that it’s officially time to start the wedding process, you will need to find a reputable and experienced event planner in your area. Look for a company that offers a variety of event lighting and event decoration packages, and make sure the company has a solid reputation with lots of positive testimonials and reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask for photos or videos of some of their work so you have a better idea of what types of projects they create for their clients. Taking the time to work with a reputable event planning company can save you time and stress as the wedding day draws near.

Host an Engagement Party

You can make your official announcement and celebrate with friends and family members at the ultimate pre-wedding party. Talk to your event planner about staging an unforgettable engagement bash with a fresh color theme and unique lighting.

Set Your Wedding Budget

It’s time to sit down and calculate all the costs of your wedding, so be prepared to do some research and price out everything from the décor to the cost of services. Start with a wishlist and list out all of the prices, then start cutting down based on how much you can realistically afford. This can be a challenging phase for many couples, but you need some figures in mind as you start shopping and making appointments with vendors.

Consider Working with a Consultant

If the budget allows, consider working with a wedding consultant to make the planning process a little easier. Some consultants are available on an hourly basis to just brainstorm ideas or make recommendations. Others can be available on a retainer basis for weeks and months leading up to your wedding. Consider the pros and cons of working with a certified wedding planner or event planning professionals to help you put together the ultimate event.

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